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Watch Compliance Leadership: Essential Habits, Skills, and Traits for Success

Richard P. Kusserow

CEO of Strategic Management Services

Carrie Kusserow, CCEP, CHC, CHPC
Carrie Kusserow, CCEP, CHC, CHPC

COO of Strategic Management Services


This one-of-a-kind webinar, focused on compliance leadership, is designed for compliance professionals who hope to obtain guidance and suggestions to increase executive visibility within their organization. It includes advice for the preparation of leadership reports and briefings, delegation and staff development, strategic planning, and more.

The objective is to assist Compliance Officers in enhancing their leadership roles and instilling greater acceptance and credibility as a respected peer in the executive leadership team. This, in turn, can facilitate advancing careers and increase the effectiveness of the compliance program in the ever-changing regulatory, enforcement, and business environment.

The compliance leadership webinar was led by Richard Kusserow, CEO, and Carrie Kusserow, COO, of Strategic Management Services.

This webinar covers:

  • Compliance Officers as members of the leadership team
  • What it takes to be an accepted executive leader
  • Executive skills, habits and traits
  • Interpersonal skills
  • Defining goals/objectives
  • Time and task management
  • Strategic thinking and planning
  • Preparation/delivering reports and briefings
  • Understanding action/decision consequences
  • Managing tasks and information
  • Delegation and staff development
  • Stress management

Richard Kusserow

Richard is the CEO of Strategic Management Services and has 40 plus years’ executive experience in healthcare compliance. He has been CEO of four healthcare compliance related firms, served as a board member of Audit and Compliance Committees for two major healthcare companies. He served as the HHS Inspector General for 11 years and had over twenty meetings with two United States Presidents, including making presentations and briefings; and served as Vice Chair of the President’s Council on Integrity and Efficiency and member of the President’s Council on Management Improvement. As a compliance consultant, he has interviewed hundreds of CEO, senior executives, Compliance Officers & board members.

Carrie Kusserow

Carrie has 20 years’ experience in health care compliance. She served as Chief Compliance Officer for a health system and has served as interim Chief Compliance Officer for other healthcare organizations. Ms. Kusserow has extensive experience working with organizations to increase top-down support for Compliance Programs. She has advised numerous Compliance Officers on increasing engagement with executive leadership, communicating effectively with the Board and navigating overall Compliance Program management challenges.

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