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Transform Compliance to Integrated Risk Management

At the heart of any Compliance or Integrated Risk Management (IRM) strategy, what’s best for the customer, is what’s best for the customer.

In today’s always-on environment, organizations are exposed to more risks and new complex and fast-moving challenges to brand and reputation than we could ever have imagined ten years ago.  Our customers, along with leading industry analysts, signaled there is now a need to take an integrated approach to managing risk. It can no longer be effectively managed in silos; it needs to be connected.


We’ve seen huge changes in the Compliance software landscape owing to a range of factors, including increased risk from digital transformation, intangible assets such as brand reputation increasingly driving business decisions and customers now using a wide range of different solutions, resulting in a fragmented risk management technology architecture. Organizations now require a comprehensive view of their risk and compliance management programs, providing them with a connected view that not only helps them mitigate a wider range of issues, but enables them to seek opportunities to maintain competitiveness, business resilience and ultimately, to grow.


We believe IRM provides this strategic, collaborative, and aggregated view of risk and compliance. It enables organizations to respond and adapt to change and disruption quickly and helps you to better understand the full scope of risk. It also allows you to be more innovative when responding to new risks presented by digital initiatives, in addition to the ever-present change in the risk and compliance landscape organizations operate within.

Introducing SAI360

This is why we are introducing SAI360, a comprehensive suite of solutions, that begins to bind our market-leading risk and compliance capabilities, learning content and services together. This provides our customers with a unique approach to meet their risk and compliance management needs.


SAI360 offers a new perspective on risk that will help us to deliver the best experience possible for our customers. It represents a more open, integrated and all-inclusive approach to risk and compliance that enables us to be more adaptive and flexible in the way that we think about what we offer to the market. Moreover, IRM will allow us to offer better assessment processes, compliance, ethics and values learning, risk culture and use data more strategically to help organizations meet the risk and resilience challenges they face.


Going forward, SAI360 will change the way we think and talk about our business. This connected view will allow us to have more strategic conversations with customers about our services, and deliver time to value. With the support of analytics and predictive modelling, we’ll also be able to identify opportunities for new solutions and harness insights to maximize the effectiveness of the capabilities we’re building.


Being ahead of the curve means that we can better support our customers by delivering the integrated approach to managing risk that they so desperately need. We now have the ability to empower customers to advance confidently by helping them to take a more integrated approach to risk, so their risk management strategies can finally fall into place.

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