2022 Healthcare Compliance Benchmark Report

This report provides the results from the 13th annual Healthcare Compliance Benchmark Survey, conducted by SAI360 and Strategic Management Services, LLC. Preparation of the survey and analysis of the results was by Richard P. Kusserow, former DHHS Inspector General.

2022 Healthcare Compliance Benchmark Survey The survey was designed to assist organizations in understanding how their compliance program relates to the industry at large. The Office of Inspector General and the Department of Justice both note that having an effective compliance program can be a mitigating factor when assessing culpability that could potentially reduce or aggravate penalties and/or settlement terms.

Download the report to evaluate how your budget aligns with the industry and compare your challenges and priorities for 2022.

Survey highlights and objectives

  • 70% of respondents reported having recent encounters with enforcement agencies, suggesting it is not if, but when there will be such an event
  • Average Compliance Officer experience now exceeds 10 years
  • This report hopes to provide a better understanding of the status and progress of compliance program development in the healthcare industry
  • This report evaluates the current state of healthcare compliance, including demographic data, resource levels, reporting relationships, compliance program operations, challenges, and priorities for 2022

Download the report: 


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