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Can Healthcare Reimagine Compliance as a Catalyst for Optimal Patient Outcomes?

Leveraging Healthcare Compliance to Optimize Patient Outcomes

Healthcare compliance is a complex maze of regulations and requirements, presenting a significant challenge for Chief Compliance Officers.

This whitepaper explores key issues and solutions facing compliance officers today, featuring exclusive insights from Robbi-Lynn Watnik, JD, CHPC, Senior Consultant at Strategic Management. Watnik says continuous education, open communication, and innovative solutions are essential for addressing the evolving challenges of healthcare compliance.

Four Key Issues

  1.  Adherence to Regulations vs. Patient-Centered Care: There’s great tension between following regulations and delivering high-quality patient care. Watnik highlights scenarios where legal and ethical boundaries must be addressed collectively, exploring options like advanced beneficiary notices and charity care.
  2. Evolving Compliance Education and Practical Experience: The landscape of compliance education is shifting. Bridging the gap between theoretical knowledge and practical application is crucial, with ongoing education essential for maintaining an effective compliance program.
  3. Tailoring Compliance Programs to Specific Healthcare Settings: Compliance programs must address the unique challenges of different healthcare environments. Starting with a general Code of Conduct and examining specific risks is essential for effective compliance.
  4. Leveraging Technology and Data Analytics in Compliance: Technological advancements are reshaping healthcare compliance. AI and data analytics enhance compliance efforts, offering opportunities for partnerships between tech-savvy professionals and seasoned experts.

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