Best Practices of GRC: Internal Controls as Essential Part of Integrated Risk Management

On-Demand GRC Expert Panel

Rapid, often unforeseeable changes taking place in today’s global businesses, technologies, and regulatory environments are having a compounding effect on the complexity of Risk Management and integrated GRC. How can this challenge be approached to gain the best possible oversight of the risk and compliance landscape, take off the pressure of teams and companies and make all the involved processes smoother and more efficient?

Integrated GRC taking into account the entire risk universe is essential in this world where the only constant is change. However, many companies are either lacking extensive Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) programs, or not adequately linking these ERM or ORM programs to their internal control system. Benchmarking with companies that have mature programs in place and comparing and contrasting their approaches to integrated GRC as well as their approach to current internal control trends offers an immediate benefit: the known will be enriched by the unknown, one can mediate about, get inspired for own initiatives and learn from each other.

Watch our free on-demand interactive discussion to understand how you can:

  • Benchmark with corporate practitioners on integrated GRC
  • Cases of ERM/ORM linked with internal control
  • Best practices in having a strong internal control system

This event has been hosted by Thought Leader Global. 


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