A Note from Our CEO: Supporting Customers Through COVID-19

As a valued SAI Global customer, more so than anyone, you appreciate the importance of trust and integrity in the face of business continuity preparedness. With the COVID-19 (Coronavirus) outbreak continuing to change rapidly, I wanted to personally provide an update on what SAI Global is doing to ensure the continuity of our business operations.

We are committed to maintaining a high level of business continuity during these uncertain times, and keeping our software, services and support available to customers around the globe. We have a geographically dispersed workforce that utilizes a cloud-based architecture model and distributed data center approach, which are designed to operate without any service disruptions.

The safety and well-being of our employees is paramount, so we have put several precautions in place to protect our workforce, reduce the impact of the epidemic and help #FlattenTheCurve. We continue to reassess and adjust these precautions as circumstances unfold:

  • Starting March 16, SAI Global has strongly recommended employees who are able to work remotely do so for the next two weeks.
  • We have restricted non-essential domestic and international air travel for SAI Global business.
  • SAI Global leadership is providing specific, real-time guidance for essential employee roles across our business units.

Please see this FAQ for additional detail on how we’re preparing SAI Global’s workforce for COVID-19.

Given the unknown variables surrounding the COVID-19 outbreak, we understand that your organization too is facing several challenges including unprecedented business impacts from employee health to disrupted supply chains. We have put together guidance on COVID-19 business continuity here. If you have questions regarding your solutions from SAI, please reach out to your account manager.

With a sound risk management strategy, we can be proactive in mitigating the risks of the COVID-19 outbreak and prepared for whatever comes next. Please read these eight steps for designing a Coronavirus crisis management plan from SAI Global’s business continuity Risk Advisor James Green for an expert view on how to alleviate reputational and financial business disruptions caused by the Coronavirus.

Best regards,

Peter Granat
CEO, SAI Global


Additional resources

Visit our pandemic information center, which includes reading materials, podcasts, videos, and other best-practice guidance around managing business continuity, compliance, and risk management amid the coronavirus pandemic.

SAI Global hosted a set of in-the-moment webinars on Business Continuity Management during the coronavirus pandemic, Resilience 2020. We covered best practices for BCP teams as well as insights from experts on remote work, crisis communications, and vendor risks in a dynamic supply chain. Recorded March 16-17, they’re all available to replay on-demand.