2024 HIPAA Benchmark Report

HIPAA Benchmark Report

As 2024 presses on, healthcare organizations are finding themselves amidst a sea of evolving challenges and opportunities in compliance with HIPAA (the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act).

In a landscape shaped by the ongoing effects of COVID-19, changing federal and state regulations, and heightened public awareness of data privacy, staying afloat requires adaptability, foresight, and robust compliance strategies.

Strategic Management Services, in partnership with SAI360, presents a comprehensive look at the current state of HIPAA Privacy Programs through our 3rd Annual HIPAA Compliance Survey, conducted in November 2023. This survey, which garnered insights from various healthcare providers across the United States, sheds light on the intricacies of HIPAA program structures, operations, and the challenges of maintaining compliance in today’s regulatory environment.

Our 2024 HIPAA Benchmark Report dives deep into the survey’s findings, providing a critical analysis of key areas such as staffing and oversight, program operations, business associate management, and the pressing priorities that loom on the horizon for HIPAA programs. This report benchmarks the current landscape and offers a comparative view against 2020 survey results, highlighting the shifts and trends that are shaping HIPAA compliance today.

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