Whistleblowing: How to Promote a Speak-up Culture in your Company

The new EU Whistleblower Directive sets minimum standards for companies in the European Union in dealing with whistleblowers.

How to promote a speak-up culture in your companyReporting channels must be established, whistleblowers must be better protected, and data protection obligations must be fulfilled. EU member states are instructed to transpose the directive into national legislation by the end of 2021.

But even beyond the legal framework, there are good reasons to review and improve the whistleblowing process. A well-functioning system promotes a culture of transparency and values that can save the company from financial and reputational damage.

SAI360 supports compliance managers in optimizing their whistleblower system and offers comprehensive training on whistleblowing. Through interactive training, employees learn when they should make a report and how the system can protect them from retaliation.

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