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Watch 5 Tips To Keep Your Learners Excited For The Long Haul

Steffi Prange-Jones, Business Development Learning DACH
Steffi Prange-Jones

Senior BDM Learning DACH, SAI360

Steffi Prange-Jones
Mark Evans Profile Photo
Mark Evans

Account Manager EMEA, SAI360

Mark Evans

For many organizations, Code of Conduct training is often the first port of call when starting out on their Compliance & Ethics training journey. But what next? How can you create an exciting training curriculum that consistently delivers relevant, need-to-know information in an engaging manner year after year?

Employee training programs are the secret ingredient that can take a company from good to great. These programs are the key to unlocking true value and success. However, it’s crucial to remember that there’s no one-size-fits-all approach when it comes to Ethics & Compliance learning. It’s a customized journey that needs to be tailored for each individual and organization.

In this exciting webinar our compliance experts dive into the world of curriculum planning. Learn an effective and impactful approach that will take your planning to the next level. Listen to real-life client case studies showcasing successful implementations that you can draw inspiration from.

This webinar delves into:

  • How to successfully implement learning trends and ensure you are meeting regulatory requirements
  • How to consider your organization’s maturity level when creating your E&C learning program
  • How to prime, train and sustain knowledge in relevant topic areas
  • Creating a baseline – how to go back to basics when switching learning providers


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