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SAI360 Release Enables Organizations of Any Size to Reset Business Behaviors for a Sustained Risk Journey

The agility of corporate risk, compliance and HR teams continues to be tested – challenged by a workforce fragmented and disoriented by the COVID-19 pandemic’s enduring impact. This requires all organizations to rapidly reset behaviors and implement new guardrails for sustained continuity and operational resilience.

Today’s business environment is full of unknowns that create enormous risks for organizations of any size or complexity to navigate. What we do know with certainty is the need for flexibility to control exposure and contain costs. An agile partner and thoughtful plan can create immediate value. This is why we are introducing SAI360 EHS Covid Essentials and Ethics and Compliance Learning for mid-sidze companies as part of SAI360 2020 Release 3, which makes the rapid implementation of responsive solutions more accessible to companies with less than 2,000 employees. 

SAI360 Ethics & Compliance Learning bundles for mid-size companies

Simplify ethics and compliance training, curriculum management, and measurement.

SAI360 Ignite Edition for Ethics & Compliance Learning

  • Launch as quickly as 10 business days for up to 2,000 employees
  • Pick from expertly developed and curated, legally defensible risk-based and soft-skills training
  • Streamline delivery and reporting with the SAI360 Learning Management System (LMS)
  • Support and expedite your onboarding with a dedicated implementation consultant  

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SAI360 EHS Covid Essentials Pack + Fast Start

Automate worker health and safety through and beyond the Covid economy following a “Plan–Do–Check–Act” Environment, Health and Safety (EHS) methodology.

  • SAI360 EHS Covid Essentials PackThe innovative and easy-to-deploy software package enables workers to report Covid-19 related symptoms, manage cases, conduct investigations and assign actions to prevent outbreaks
  • Perform scheduled and ad-hoc site audits and inspections, with simplified recording and tracking of completion or non-conformance
  • Maintain travel and meeting attendance logs for safe movement of workers and streamlined contact tracing data made easier by our mobile app, Roam
  • Record behavioral observations and support your workforce as it adjusts to changes in one centralized system
  • Integrate compliance training to build a culture of safety


New Ethics & Learning Content

SAI360 has built and introduced well over 22 new pieces of online training, multimedia and learning content throughout 2020 to reflect current events and support the needs of global ethics and compliance teams and their employees, managers and leaders. We listen to feedback from our community and monitor regulatory changes and evolving cultural and regulatory risks.

Each customizable and multi-lingual experience is created by our in-house team of learning designers and content managers with support from external legal subject matter experts.

For organizations planning their 2021 program curriculum, here’s what you’ll be able to achieve:

  • Help learners understand the subtle and obvious signs of sexual harassment, harassment and misconduct, discrimination, and bullying in the workplace with scenario-based training and videos
  • Convey the importance of reporting and speaking up and address the positive impact it has on your culture and company
  • Support employee wellness and mental health with online training and videos focused on stress, remote work, anxiety and making ethical decisions amid challenging circumstances
  • Reinforce best practices and policies around records management and retention, data privacy and information security to keep your business information safe no matter where your employees are.

As your risks, values, and policies evolve, know that we’re always producing new Learning content to help your organization communicate in a relevant, engaging and measurable way.

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We’re in this together

As the global health crisis evolved into a pandemic in 2020, SAI360 committed to maintaining a high level of business continuity and keeping our software, services and support available to customers around the globe. This commitment continues with SAI360 2020 Release 2 and today’s Release 3 as we enter the final months of 2020.

With a geographically dispersed workforce that utilizes a cloud-based architecture model and distributed data center approach, we have been able to continue product innovations without any major service disruptions.   

The unknown variables surrounding the Covid-19 pandemic have had an unprecedented impact on organizations, from employee health challenges to disrupted supply chains. We understand that while you’re focused on recovery, you have yet to gauge the full impact or make final decisions on the best mitigation strategies to employ. We’re here for you as you weigh your options every step of the way.

The future of your business depends on the steps you take today to build a strong and resilient culture. Knowing where to start begins with the right partner.


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