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New Learning Experience: Supply Chain Due Diligence

Supply chains can contain many moving parts across different territories. With the introduction of new standards and legislation and a strong focus on ESG compliance, conducting due diligence on your third parties is vital. Risks or questionable practices in one part of the chain can affect all parts.

Our new, engaging Supply Chain Learning Experience gets your employees up to speed on key focus areas to spot and mitigate risks:

  • Possible modern slavery
  • Ineffective environmental mitigation and health & safety guidance
  • The more stringent laws appearing on a global level, highlighted in an infographic

In addition to our training, our Supply Chain Program Assessment Service will allow you to quickly assess, revise and ensure your supply chain program supports your business community to mitigate risk and protect your brand:

  • Summarize the current state of your program
  • Identify strengths
  • Identify gaps and opportunities for improvements
  • Document achievable and pragmatic action plan for improvement

Contact our team today to request a demo of our new bite-sized course and discuss the benefits of our program assessment.


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