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Maximizing Efficiency in Anti-Harassment and Discrimination and Code of Conduct training with Press Play Video

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Recognizing the importance of maintaining consistent standards across its global workforce, Graphic Packaging International embarked on a journey to revolutionize its Anti-Harassment and Discrimination and Code of Conduct training. Through innovative Press Play video solutions and strategic partnerships, their goal was to not only bridge the gap in traditional training methods but also set a new standard for effective, engaging, and accessible employee education.

Setting the Stage

Graphic Packaging International, a global leader in packaging solutions, faced the challenge of maintaining consistent ethics and compliance standards across its diverse workforce spread across multiple countries. With 100+ locations and a varied employee base, traditional training methods proved insufficient in effectively reaching all employees, whether working at a desk or in a manufacturing facility.

Identifying the Gap

Recognizing the need for more accessible and engaging training, Graphic Packaging International identified a gap in its strategy. Traditional podium training methods, where a manager facilitates instruction, were cumbersome and less effective. This was particularly true for hourly employees who lacked regular access to computers or formal training sessions. This gap highlighted the necessity for a solution that could effectively reach all employees regardless of location or access to technology, while also providing engaging content to enhance learning retention and application. According to Jewelle Johnson – Vice President, Assistant General Counsel, and Chief Labor and Employment Counsel at Graphic Packaging International, also missing was the ability to efficiently customize and edit the training. Johnson emphasized the importance of this collaboration, stating, “We wanted our training to resonate with our employees and reflect our commitment to ethics and compliance.”

Press Play Enters the Scene

In collaboration with SAI360, Graphic Packaging International pioneered a new way of training using video-based solutions–Press Play learning. Leveraging the flexibility and accessibility of MP4 videos, the company aimed to revolutionize its training program and address the challenges posed by its diverse workforce and global presence. Johnson worked with creative and instructional design team members to ensure the most relevant content was included in two videos produced. This meant manufacturing workers spent less time away from their day-to-day work, while still learning about best practices in the Code of Conduct and Anti-Harassment and Discrimination courses.

Planning and Rollout

The implementation process involved the careful selection and customization of video content to align with the company’s values and training objectives. Graphic Packaging International worked closely with SAI360 to design engaging and informative videos that catered to the unique needs of its workforce, ensuring maximum impact and relevance. Johnson further highlighted the significance of customization, noting, “It was crucial for us to tailor the content to our specific industry and company culture. This ensured that the training remained relatable and effective.” By prioritizing customization and collaboration, Graphic Packaging International successfully integrated the new training solution into its existing framework, paving the way for enhanced education across its diverse workforce.

Benefits and Impressions

The integration of video-based training solutions yielded significant benefits for Graphic Packaging International. “Our employees appreciated the shift to video-based training, finding it more engaging and accessible,” remarked Johnson. Employees responded positively to the seamless delivery of training content, resulting in improved engagement and comprehension. The transition from traditional podium training to video-based solutions led to increased training efficiency and allowed HR professionals to focus on other strategic initiatives. Overall, the adoption of video-based training modernized Graphic Packaging International’s approach and enhanced its effectiveness in fostering a positive culture across the organization.

Closing Thoughts

Johnson noted that Graphic Packaging International prides itself on living its core values of accountability, integrity, relationships, respect, and teamwork. Embracing the Press Play video solution is part of their strategy to continue to foster that culture through efficient engagement. By partnering with SAI360 and adopting innovative training methodologies, Graphic Packaging International has successfully elevated its ethics and compliance training program to new heights.

Key Takeaways

  • Press Play video-based training offers a more accessible and engaging alternative to traditional methods, particularly for diverse and geographically dispersed workforces.
  • Customization and design are key factors in the effectiveness of Press Play learning, allowing organizations to tailor content to their unique needs and objectives.
  • Partnering with SAI360 can streamline the implementation process and ensure the success of video-based training initiatives.

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