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Measuring the Effectiveness of Your Compliance Training Program

Determining whether or not your compliance training program is working can feel like chasing shadows. You’re merely running around in the dark left, without a clear vision. 

Many organizations are still stuck measuring success by completion rates alone. But this approach hardly scratches the surface of what’s truly needed. 

compliance training software

When compliance training falls short, the fallout can be significant—think compliance breaches, hefty regulatory fines, and a tarnished reputation. One study shows that companies lose five percent of their annual revenue to fraud,1 often due to inadequate training.  

The Solution 

The answer to “How effective is my compliance program?”  lies in pinpointing exactly where your training is hitting the mark or falling short, whether by department, country, or individual employee. It’s about being empowered thanks to real-time data and analytics. This way, your organization can make informed, data-driven decisions that enhance your compliance program’s effectiveness. 

How SAI360 Can Help 

SAI360 works to revolutionize the way organizations approach compliance training. Our advanced analytics and performance dashboards dig deeper, providing insights beyond basic completion rates. Our expertise in ethics, governance, risk, and compliance grants organizations a comprehensive view that links training to real-world impact and behavior change. 

We help organizations monitor performance across any Learning Management System (LMS), assess learner confidence, and tailor follow-up training to specific needs using demographic filters. Our LMS-agnostic platform integrates seamlessly, offering out-of-the-box insights to help you identify and mitigate risks while driving continuous improvement. 

Key Features Include: 

  • First attempt performance information and standard learning analytics 
  • Ability to filter by user profile, department, country, supervisor, etc. 
  • Performance information about perceived confidence and pre- and post-test questions 
  • Ability to see year-over-year progress and demographic insights concurrently 

The result? Greater protection against fines and breaches, and a reputation for ethical behavior that consumers trust.  

Let’s Start a Conversation 

Don’t just work hard to meet compliance standards. Build a more resilient workplace culture with a demonstrated commitment to ethics.  

Schedule a virtual coffee with a team member: 


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