Watch DOJ Trends over the Past Year

Jon Bricker

VP of Sales, AMER Learning, SAI360

Gwendolyn Lee Hassan

Interim Chief Compliance Officer, Cordant Health Solutions

How do recent key developments impact your ethics and compliance (E&C) program and what do they mean for you, your program, and your board?

There have recently been a number of noteworthy developments impacting how the DOJ evaluates ethics and compliance (E&C) programs and expectations for board involvement and support. Organizations with strong E&C programs often receive more favorable treatment, including deferred prosecution and lower penalties, than those without. Organizations with weak E&C programs place themselves at great risk when things go wrong, including prison for those involved and, in some cases, even shutting down the company for good.

Following DOJ guidance can mean the difference between survival and disaster in the face of a government prosecution. In addition, the Delaware courts continue to expand upon the Caremark line of cases in clarifying their expectations for board involvement and board support for E&C programs.

In this SAI360 webinar, we examine recent developments from the DOJ and Delaware courts, interpreting what they mean for E&C programs and structure, practitioners, and boards of directors.

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