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The Impact of DOJ Guidelines on Ethics & Compliance Programs

How does recent DOJ guidance impact your E&C program and what should you do to keep your program up to date?

The U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ) has long examined the strength of corporate ethics and compliance (E&C) programs as it makes determinations about prosecution and possible penalties.

  • Organizations with strong E&C programs often receive more favorable treatment, including deferred prosecution and lower penalties.
  • Organizations with weak E&C programs place themselves at great risk when things go wrong, including prison for those involved and, in some cases, even shutting down the company for good.

Following DOJ guidance can mean the difference between survival and disaster in the face of government prosecution.

In this SAI360 webinar, we examine recent pieces of guidance from the DOJ, summarizing what they mean for E&C leaders and the programs they manage. We review Deputy AG Lisa Monaco's recent speech on how the DOJ intends to apply Federal Sentencing Guidelines and charge companies and the heightened expectations for on corporate compliance programs.

About our speaker: Jon Bricker, Esq., heads our SAI360 Learning team and is a former practicing attorney with over 20 years of ethics and compliance experience helping organizations address the requirements of the DOJ and other regulators. Over the course of his career, Jon has worked with more than 250 companies to help improve their E&C programs.

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