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Data Protection Training Revolution: A Health and Wellness Industry Case Study

In the dynamic field of data protection and privacy, effectively training employees is the key to staying ahead. What are some best practices that can be replicated to ensure success? To answer this question, below we explore how a leading global consumer products company in the health and wellness industry successfully navigated training complexities via a new pilot approach. 

Data Protection Training Case Study

Unraveling the Dynamics of Learner Confidence 

SAI360’s customer conducted a pilot to determine how effectively learners could grasp their Data Protection and Privacy course material and what their level of confidence looked like as they shared with others the knowledge they acquired from the course. 

Here, course analysis, which encompassed twelve countries, provided a unique global snapshot of learner engagement tied to data protection concepts. Our research focused on understanding the uptake of information and the confidence learners have in applying it. After all, both are critical aspects of effective learning. 

The company sought SAI360’s assistance in customizing compliance training content for their global ethics and compliance standards, aligning corporate governance policies with ethics and compliance training, and maintaining high ethical standards worldwide. SAI360’s partnership provided engaging and measurable learning tools.  

In our pilot phase, we launched the course to a select group of employees. This initial step allowed us to test the dashboard, evaluate the course’s effectiveness, and gather early data. This careful approach ensured we were fully prepared for the broader, company-wide launch. 

SAI360 began its process with the client by implementing a Know Your Risk (KYR) model and conducting a pre-test assessment to gauge baseline knowledge and confidence. Subsequently, the KYR findings were leveraged to transform data into actionable insights, with the model also serving as a confidence data tool to pinpoint gaps in learner capabilities relative to their ideal proficiency levels. 

Implementing SAI360s Unique Confidence Model 

The KYR Analytics Dashboard reveals potential risks among the population of learners, helping turn insight into action. The organization can see not only performance but how perceived confidence changed from pretest to posttest.  

Employees who pose a low risk to an organization are not only correct in their responses to assessment questions but also possess the confidence to share that knowledge with others and speak up when necessary. Those who pose a high risk to an organization are not only incorrect in their responses to assessment questions but have misplaced confidence in sharing wrong information regarding the course material. 

Key Findings: Bridging Knowledge and Confidence 

Then, SAI360 moved into the active learning sequence stage of the KYR model to garner a targeted understanding of the client’s compliance-related strengths while identifying learners’ knowledge gaps. Here, we conducted observational sequencing, followed by questions, simulations for ethical decision-making, and an opportunity for reflection. The goal was to create a safe space psychologically where mistakes essentially carry no weight. This way repercussions or fear of making an incorrect choice could be eliminated. 

A significant finding was the disconnect between learners’ accuracy in answering questions and their confidence in those answers. In short, more people thought they’d gotten the answer right than actually did. This gap underscores the need for training that builds not only knowledge but also assurance of that knowledge. 

Identifying Challenges: Pinpointing Areas for Improvement 

Another of the most revealing aspects we came away with was learners’ understanding of personal information protection. Despite a high level of confidence, the actual accuracy in answering related questions was surprisingly low. This highlights a crucial area for enhanced training focus. 

Tailoring Training Solutions: Microlearning and Interactive Courses 

To address these gaps, SAI360 advised the client to embrace a variety of engaging and focused learning modules. This included things like interactive simulations and concise multimedia content aimed at reinforcing key data protection principles and practices.  

A Brief Snapshot of Positive Impact 

At the conclusion of our work together, there was a notable 16 percent increase in learners’ confidence to meet the course outcome. Additionally, one in four learners upped their confidence in meeting the course outcomes after participating in training. Three percent of learners improved their risk score after learning, four percent increased their average score per learning objective, and there was an eight percent increase in the average learning objective confidence rating. 

Final Thoughts 

By pinpointing specific areas of misunderstanding, training could be made more relevant and impactful for our client. For them, continuous adaptation was—and of course, remains most essential for keeping pace with the advancements in this field. Understanding and addressing the unique needs of learners means setting new standards in education. Taken together, steps like these ensure individuals are not only knowledgeable but also confident in their ability to better protect their most sensitive information. 

Learn How SAI360 Can Help Your Organization 

Modern training methods drive active engagement and lifelong learning versus piecemeal offerings. They are crucial to ensure individuals understand the importance of safeguarding personal information and complying with regulations. Click here to schedule a virtual coffee with one of our team members and learn more about how SAI360 can help your organization thrive. 

About SAI360 

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