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Celebrate National Online Learning Day

September 15 is National Online Learning Day and we’d like you to celebrate with us by taking a few moments to recognize the important role online learning plays in our daily lives.

Today we take the millions of terabytes of information available at our fingertips for granted, but did you realize that the basic principles of online learning took root more than 100 years ago? The first “correspondence schools” were developed in the late 1800s for students who couldn’t be on a campus (ring any “work from home” bells?). Later, technology advances like radio and television were incorporated into learning (just how many teleconferences are on your calendar today?). Fast forward to the 1990s, the Internet explodes and, voilà, “distance learning” begins its sprint to become what we now know as online learning, or eLearning.

The SAI360 Approach to Online Learning

The recent global pivot to remote work has put an even greater emphasis on the importance of online learning and the use of tools like online experiences, collaborative technologies, and in-person conversations. An engaging online training approach makes learners the focus, rather than the content. Done right, online learning becomes a motivator of employees instead of a burden.

National Online Learning Day

Online learning experiences help employees become more engaged with learning content and boost learning results, while still conveying required content in an effective manner. SAI360’s focused online learning breaks job complexities into teachable, scalable moments that help validate what learners already do on the job and enable them to apply learning right away. Our library of award-winning courses blend microlearning and gamification into experiential learning experiences that are effective, engaging, and fun.

“We’re committed to making learning more effective,” said Jennifer Farthing, EdD, SVP of Learning at SAI360. “SAI360’s latest learning experiences provide feedback at critical moments in the flow of realistic work-life scenarios, motivating learners to make ethical choices. Meaningful lessons are memorable, so they’re recalled as needed for ethical decision-making at work.”

Online Learning Is a Win-Win

Before we start celebrating National Online Learning Day, let’s not forget the ways that online learning is a win-win for all of us—individuals and organizations—especially those with global workforces that are remote work-enabled. Here are just a few of the many benefits:

  • Learning happens faster
  • Carbon footprint diminishes
  • Access to expertise expands
  • Flexibility and availability increase
  • Costs decrease
  • Networking opportunities grow exponentially
Ready, Set, Celebrate!

Help us shine the spotlight on National Online Learning Day by joining us in some of these activities:

  • Post about your online learning experiences on social media
    • Use the hashtag #OnlineLearningDay
    • Tag your colleagues and encourage them to share their stories too
    • Share some of your organization’s amazing online learning metrics and success stories
  • Use this quick post on social media: “Online learning has taught me to _______!”
  • Connect with other learners, coworkers, and past colleagues to compare notes on your online learning experiences
  • Touch base with learners on your team to ensure their learning needs are being met and ask what learning needs they anticipate for the future

And, if you’d like some tips on increasing the effectiveness of your learning programs, register for our webinar, “Ask the Analyst: How to Apply Learning Methods to Create a Learning Culture,” featuring industry analyst group RedThread Research, led by the group’s co-founder and lead analyst, Dani Johnson.

Happy National Online Learning Day!

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