Tech in Action: How to Leverage Newer Mobile App Features to Transform your EHS Programs

The pandemic has changed the definition of workplace and safety. Increasingly, the distributed workforce and EHS professionals face more complex challenges now than ever before. A modern mobile app can be essential in creating a safer workplace and keeping frontline workers out of harm’s way. The mobile app makes it simple to report incidents, make observations, track non-conformances and drive compliance.

Mobility also increases engagement in Environment, Health and Safety (EHS) and moves responsibility from your EHS team to everyone, regardless of location. EHS mobile apps are continually evolving; leveraging the newer and more sophisticated features can transform your EHS programs.

Register to watch the on-demand webinar in which  our EHS & Sustainability experts show in practice how a modern mobile app can:

  • Streamline data capture efforts and reduce the need to type details with features like Voice-to-Text, Geo-Mapping, Photo Capture, QR Codes
  • Improve communication regardless of where something happens by delivering instant notifications to required stakeholders
  • Simplify access to real-time information using Geo-Fencing and QR codes so workers can be more efficient, agile and risk-aware
  • Enable all your EHS processes to be mobile using a Low-Code platform with no additional technical integrations and configurations

Please register to watch this webinar on-demand.



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