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SAI360 Announces Scope 3 Emissions Data Partnership with DitchCarbon

SAI360, a leading EHS and Sustainability (EHS&S) technology platform, recently announced a strategic partnership with carbon-data provider DitchCarbon to equip companies to identify, measure, and report their carbon emissions, including Scope 3 emissions.

The announcement comes as pressure for companies to reduce their carbon footprint has never been greater.

“This partnership means our customers will have efficient access to automated emissions factors for Scope 1 and 2 carbon accounting from DitchCarbon directly through SAI360’s Emissions Management module,” shares Christine Adeline, Senior Vice President of EHS&S Product Management at SAI360. “Not only will it be easier for companies to report on their Scope 1 and 2 emissions, but they will also be able to leverage DitchCarbon’s expertise to determine their Scope 3 emissions to make better informed decisions to reduce their carbon footprint.”

According to Marc Munier, founder of DitchCarbon, access to Scope 3 emissions data is typically the most challenging for organizations because it is generated by third parties. Scope 3 refers to emissions not directly under an organization’s control, but nonetheless still a product of its business activity, including business travel, shipping and purchased goods, and services. It often accounts for between 50 to 95 percent of an organization’s total carbon footprint; therefore, taking action on scope 3 should be considered a high priority.

“Calculating Scope 3 emissions is difficult because it is extremely manual and therefore susceptible to error on multiple levels,” explains Munier. “It requires people with expertise in other areas, to spend valuable time contacting their third-party partners to collect and track carbon data, which may or may not be accurate in the first place. And if they get it wrong, even if they were making every effort to get it right, their organization could be fined, accused of greenwashing, and face public backlash. The stakes are high.”

“One of the reasons we are excited to work with DitchCarbon is because they maintain one of the world’s largest databases of company emissions profiles in addition to global emissions factors,” shares Adeline. “And with the partnership and integration we can help our customers efficiently access information they need to be compliant and realistically achieve Net Zero targets.”

About SAI360

SAI360 is the leading ESG cloud provider connecting GRC, EHS, Sustainability and Learning. Our SAI360 platform streamlines workflow and drives outcomes through flexible, scalable, and configurable modules. Our integrated approach sets us apart, helping organizations thrive, create trust, understand their impact, and achieve resilience for over 25 years. SAI360 is headquartered in Chicago, with operations and customers across the globe. Discover more at sai360.com.

About DitchCarbon

DitchCarbon is the world’s leading source for emissions data, we aggregate emissions data from governments, NGO’s as well as company and product disclosures. We give enterprise customers the intelligence they need to remain compliant while avoiding the reputational and financial costs errors or lack of action brings.


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