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Nevada Privacy Act

Gives consumers the option to “opt out” of sharing personal information

What is the Nevada Privacy Act?

The Nevada Privacy Act gives consumers broad rights to opt out of the sale of their personal information. Originally focused on companies that own or operate a website or online service for commercial purposes and collect and maintain “covered information,” the law was expanded, effective October 1, 2021, to include “data brokers.”

At a Glance
StandardNevada Privacy Act
RegionUnited States
Released2017 (last update 2021)
SAI360 SolutionIT Risk & Cybersecurity
Privacy Regulations by State and Country

“Data brokers” are defined as “persons primarily engaged in the business of purchasing covered information about consumers in Nevada from operators and other data brokers and making sales of such information.” The 2021 amendment includes exemptions from being considered “sales” for certain categories, e.g., disclosures as part of a merger, acquisition, or bankruptcy.

Why is the Nevada Privacy Act Important?

All organizations that process data related to Nevada consumers need to follow the legislation’s guidelines which require a Privacy Policy, along with information security controls and processes to comply with the law. Businesses do not have to be located in Nevada to be subject to the law.

Noncompliance can result in temporary or permanent injunctions and large fines.

How SAI360 Supports Compliance with Nevada’s Privacy Act

SAI360 supports compliance with Nevada’s Privacy Act by providing a flexible, agile approach to risk management. Our IT Risk and Cybersecurity software and modern learning content about data privacy and security maps risk to requirements, automates assessments, and improves compliance and business performance so you can truly manage your IT risk. It enables you to make agile decisions using up-to-the-minute dashboards for key metrics to:

  • Streamline and strengthen Nevada Privacy Act compliance
  • Centralize policy management across your organization
  • Develop a real-time view to manage IT risk

If you are looking to operationalize information security controls across your organization, SAI360 provides a solution that is ready to help you meet the expectations of your shareholders, regulators, customers, and partners.

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