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Data Privacy and Data Protection Training

Today’s digital-first ecosystem, driven largely by social media and eCommerce, has created abundant amounts of personal data and corporate risk. In 2020, Data Privacy and Data Protection ranks as the 3rd most pressing concern for organizations and 4th highest training priority among our community, but since the COVID-19 pandemic began and remote work became more common, it has grown even more essential to risk and compliance programs.

We’ve launched over 350 learning experiences and unique, customizable types of online training on this topic since 2017. We can help your workforce protect sensitive consumer data and proprietary corporate information, and comply with GDPR, CCPA, PIPEDA, LGPD, and other global data privacy regulations.

Here are five customizable online experiences at the heart of some of the world’s most effective Ethics and Compliance (E&C) programs that you can try out right now.

Global Data Protection Training

CORE TRAINING: Global Data Protection

Over 144 global E&C programs turn to this core training.

CCPA Online Training Demo

SUPPORT: The California Consumer Privacy Act

A quick new experience specific to the CCPA regulation.

Canada's PIPEDA Online Training

SUPPORT: Canada’s PIPEDA Regulation

A new short online training specific to the PIPEDA regulation.

GDPR Online Training

SUPPORT: Does GDPR Apply To My Company?

A short informative video designed to play on a loop or be delivered before core training.

GDPR Refresher Online Training

FUTURE TRAINING: Global Data Protection Regulation Refresher

This short online training experience is designed as a follow-up or “Year 2” evolution of your core training.

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