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Health Management

Ensure a healthy and productive workforce with digitized health and wellbeing programs.

Anticipate health risks early

  • Automate industrial hygiene and protect workers from long-term health issues due to workplace stressors and agents
  • Establish exposure groups based on various criteria
  • Perform qualitative and quantitative exposure assessments
  • Develop, schedule and track sampling plans
  • Manage a wide range of samples including air, noise, wipe and bulk sampling as well as heat stress assessments
  • Use interactive dashboards to demonstrate controls are effective and measurement activities are sufficient and promptly completed
Dashboard Shows Industrial Health Data
Securely Manage Occupational Health Monitoring

Holistically manage occupational health programs

  • Audiogram, biological monitoring, chest x-ray, general physical, spirometry, vision test and more flexible health test workflow
  • Coordinate and monitor usage requirements of respirators with respiratory protection workflow
  • Collect and maintain confidential drug and alcohol testing information
  • Undertake ergonomic assessments for different jobs and tasks applicable to your organization
  • Automate return to work, early interventions and workers compensation



Securely monitor workforce health and wellbeing

  • Deploy questionnaires for health and wellness checks, symptom tracking, sanitization checks
    and more
  • Save time with automated data imports from laboratories and monitoring devices
  • Ensure privacy with robust data security that’s only available to appropriate personnel
  • Quickly identify upcoming and outstanding tasks, such as equipment calibrations or respirator fit tests
  • Improve communication with automated personalized letters, notifications and reminders
  • Analyze data from multiple disciplines and identify potential health issues

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We enable health professionals to spend more time focusing on the health and well-being of your workers

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