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Business Resilience

We can learn from the events of 2021: the Great Resignation, climate disasters, political unrest, return-to-office starts and stops, ransomware attacks, and hospitals pushed to their limits due to COVID spikes.

The SAI360 business resilience offering provides a comprehensive and consolidated view of all risks that could impact your organization in this uncertain environment including:

  • Scenario analysis and modeling
  • Monitoring with proactive threat alerts
  • Thresholds that appropriately trigger actions
  • Crisis management and recovery plans that effectively reduce consequences

Extend visibility across business silos

  • View interconnectedness of your business across IT, vendor, and operational risk
  • Extend your view through integrations with all your third-party applications to maximize insight
  • Get aligned quickly and move together seamlessly
  • Establish a new culture at your organization that’s resilient, agile, and collaborative
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business impact assessments

Establish tolerance and leverage alerts

  • Empower predictions with real-time internal and external data, combined with your historic information
  • Gain insight from prior disruptions to establish key risk indicators and predict others in the future and prevent them from causing significant impact
  • Continuously monitor risk and control for your most vital business processes
  • Stay vigilant no matter the threat–through supply chain disruptions, civil unrest near your operations center, or evolving ransomware-as-a-service attacks

Effectively reduce consequences

  • Simulate limitless scenarios and plan for anything
  • Create effective crisis management and business continuity plans
  • Rapidly put plans into action and keep everyone informed from start to finish
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