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You’ve Been Breached: How Can I Trust You?

Supply chain security breaches share a common goal: Attackers seek to breach the most enterprises possible via the third-party technology these companies use.

As a potential target, you may detect warning signs even before your infected partner does. You can notify your partner and cut off access, but what then? How does your partner validate that they're back to normal and give you the confidence to restore access? How do you protect your critical systems and data in a new extended world where every supply-chain relationship needs to constantly be verified before it's trusted? Our panel of experts discusses:

  • What to do when you detect your partner's breach
  • How to cut off access and protect your systems and data with minimal business disruption
  • When it's appropriate to restore access and how to conduct effective ongoing monitoring



Short on time to replay the full webinar? Read our executive summary: 

Third-Party Risk whitepaper: You've Been Breached, Now What?


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