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Risk & Insurance Technology in the Battle Against Data Silos

Anton Lissone, CTO at SAI Global, spoke with CIR Magazine’s Risk Software Report 2020, about how our technology is an enabler of continuous risk assessment.

Read the Risk Software Report (pdf)

The Risk Software Report 2020 by CIR Magazine discusses how a single platform system can unite data across the insurance value chain for insurers, brokers, and insured organizations.

In “Lighting The Road Ahead” (page 3), one of the report authors, David Adams, considers how end-user requirements are influencing the development of more complex, integrated solutions, fit for an age of interconnected organizations. He spoke with Anton Lissone:

Enterprise risk management software has become, as Anton Lissone, chief technology officer at SAI Global, puts it, both an enabler of continuous risk assessment; and “a decision-making system, rather than a system of record”.

Whatever the purpose for which it is used, at the heart of an effective risk management solution is the ability to gather and analyze very large quantities of risk data, drawn from inside and outside of the organization. The software needs to be able to filter this information, to feed relevant information to the individuals, teams and business systems that need it.

Use of AI and natural language technology is slowly replacing use of preset business rules as the basis for these processes. For example, natural language processing in SAI Global’s risk software is now used by financial services companies to parse regulatory updates issued by the Bank of England, identifying which of the company’s control or processes need to be adjusted. 


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