Countering the Top 5 BCM Roadblocks

James Green talks with Alex Fullick and his Preparing for the Unexpected podcast on how to face BCM roadblocks.

There’s no doubt that business continuity has evolved into a critical team that helps organizations become – and stay – resilient. As the risk to reputational damages moves into the forefront for corporations, many BC teams are faced with growing the scope and scale of their programs to meet new demands. Many are struggling with finding the best and fastest path forward, as there are always roadblocks that tend to get in the way.

Alex Fullick talks with renowned industry expert James Green, who presented the topic ‘Conquering the Top 5 Roadblocks’ at the 2020 Continuity & Resilience Today conference. James talks about the top roadblocks BCM professionals face and what we can do to overcome them; from obtaining and keeping executive attention to continuity, resilience, and our well-being.