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Compliance Professionals: Compliance Officer Day

Compliance Officer Day, observed on 26 September each year, is a global event to recognize the important work of professionals who have dedicated their careers to the field of ethics and compliance.

This day is a chance to shine a light on the difference compliance officers and their colleagues make in our organizations and thank them for the work they do to help build ethical cultures.

Compliance Officer Day also aims to support wellness within this high-stress, high-risk profession and support ongoing education and development with content, events, and resources for the ethics and compliance community.

The omnipresent risk of compliance violations and unethical behavior, and accompanying financial and reputational damage, make the compliance function essential. However, the contributions and achievements made by compliance professionals are often unnoticed and uncelebrated. Through Compliance Officer Day, which was launched in 2016, SAI360 hopes to change this.

In recognition of the high-risk and ultimately high-stress environment that compliance professionals work in, SAI360 has partnered with a number of industry experts to serve up relevant and useful resources to help Compliance Officers stay effective, ease stress, battle burnout, and maintain a happy and healthy work/life balance.

“The value delivered by the global compliance community drives fairer, more honest and ethical behavior, both within their own organizations and through third-party vendor networks. Compliance Officer Day allows us to recognize that while compliance professionals may not have super powers, they are still quite heroic.”

Paula Davis

VP of Learning Product Strategy, SAI360

SAI 360 invites organizations, individuals and universities to show support for the ethics and compliance community by joining the Ethics and Compliance Initiative and the Business Ethics Alliance in signing up for the Compliance Officer Day Champion Programme. Champions will be recognised for their role within the community and receive resources to support Compliance Officer Day and raise awareness about the importance of ethics and compliance.

“Show me an organization without a Chief Compliance Officer, and I’ll show you an organization that is at risk. CCOs play an essential role in company efforts to develop the culture and systems that ultimately prevent misconduct.”

Patricia Harned


SAI360 is also calling the community to join our global conversation on Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook with the #ComplianceOfficerDay hashtag to follow the ethical, world-wide celebration.


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