The RFP process for GRC: your ultimate guide

The RFP process for acquiring governance, risk and compliance (GRC) software is fraught with a plethora of potential challenges. Companies respond to an average of 150 RFPs annually. Along the way, misalignment between your department’s requirements, along with poorly defined RFP criteria, can often lead to extended and inefficient evaluation periods. With this in mind, the question can be asked, is an RFP right for me? And if RFP is indeed right for now, what is the best way to go about executing this process?

What to know about the RFP process

In this whitepaper, we will be evaluating how organizations can elevate their RFP process in the context of GRC software procurement.

Specifically, we will discuss topics like:
• What the typical buyer’s journey looks like
• To RFP or not to RFP? We’ll explore a few common key challenges within the RFP process
• Top tips to elevate your RFP process
• Critical questions you should be considering in your next RFP process

Download the report:

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