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Watch Building And Evaluating Effective Hotline Programs

Richard P. Kusserow

CEO of Strategic Management Services

Shelby Cole

Business Development Specialist, Compliance Resource Center

Having a properly functioning hotline program is critical for an effective compliance program. Both the DHHS OIG and DOJ in their guidance and guidelines stress the importance of maintaining confidential compliance communication channels that include an available hotline for all employees.

This webinar is for those establishing their hotline program, as well as those with an existing program who are interested in evaluating and improving effectiveness.

The webinar was presented by Richard Kusserow, CEO of Strategic Management Services, and Shelby Cole, Business Development Specialist of Compliance Resource Center.

This webinar will address the following:

  • The value and importance of hotlines
  • The system to receive and act upon caller information
  • The use of internal hotlines and vendors for receiving complaints and allegations
  • Development of the program and process to properly respond to reports received
  • Call volume and type of calls received
  • Coordination with HR and Legal Counsel
  • Management and documentation of investigations
  • Hotline program compliance monitoring for effectiveness

Richard Kusserow, CEO, Strategic Management Services has assisted over 2000 healthcare organizations and entities with compliance advisory services, including, management and operation of hotline programs. He has helped establish and manage more than 500 hotline programs for the healthcare sector and federal government agencies. Richard previously served for 11 years as DHHS Inspector General, where he was responsible for management of the largest hotline system in the federal government. He is the author of the Ultimate Hotline Manual.

Shelby Cole has 25 years of experience in healthcare compliance and in the managing and developing compliance and HIPAA programs that included managing hotline operations. She currently is with the Compliance Resource Center and works with Compliance Officers with their hotline program, policy resource and sanction screening services.

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