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The Three Biggest Organizational Risks Happening Right Now 

Today’s business landscape centers on two pivotal elements: rapid digital transformation and extensive global connectivity. However, as the world becomes more interconnected and globally minded, businesses that now must be “always on” to thrive are encountering a constantly changing array of risks. 

Global Business Risks 2024

The Allianz Risk Barometer 2024, which gathered insights from 3,000+ risk experts across the globe, highlights three immediate and universal challenges on the horizon that demand urgent addressing on behalf of organizations across sectors, industries, and global regions.  

Based on this research, here are the three greatest risks businesses today are grappling with: 

1. Cyber Incidents

By 2025, the global cost of cybercrime is projected to reach $10.5 trillion annually. 

Perhaps not surprisingly, cyber incidents top the list. With the relentless pace of digitalization, companies now find themselves in a perpetual game of cat and mouse against increasingly sophisticated cyber adversaries. 

2. Business Interruption

Closely trailing second to cyber risks is the threat of business interruption, a dire consequence of our highly connected and technologically dependent world, where supply chain disruptions, natural disasters, regulatory changes—or a combination of related factors—can halt business operations in an instant. 

3. Natural Catastrophes

Natural catastrophes have now ascended the ranks to become a leading concern for businesses worldwide.  

From the fury of hurricanes to the devastation of floods and wildfires, the raw power of nature stands as a testament to the vulnerability of our modern infrastructures and supply chains. 

SAI360’s Solutions  

Businesses don’t have to face these challenges alone. SAI360 has the expertise, tools, and technology to help organizations prepare for natural and man-made disasters.  

SAI360 helps companies prepare before the storms come so they can react quickly and intentionally when they do.  

That’s why SAI360 offers: 

  • Training for Employees: We stress the importance of teaching your team how to spot and stop cyber threats, making your workplace safer. 
  • Quick Incident Response: Our solutions help your business quickly manage incidents and track your actions, reducing damage to your operations and reputation. 
  • Managing Vendor Risk: We help you determine how to keep your business running smoothly, even when unexpected challenges arise. 

Let’s Start a Conversation 

Want to know how to mitigate your organization’s chances of falling victim to these three risks? Schedule a virtual coffee with a team member: 

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