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Shining The Light On Compliance Superheroes


Compliance professionals don’t often get the recognition they deserve. Let’s change that.

'Tis the season for joy and thankfulness and to take a few moments out of our day to thank those who help us continuously through the year. Many of us pause and give thanks to our mail carrier, mechanic, daycare provider, and others. Without their help, our day-to-day lives outside of work would be more challenging. What about inside work? What about those who keep us running and out of hot water: our compliance crusaders? You know who they are: those heroes that have gone above and beyond for the greater good of the organization throughout 2018. 

During this time of year, we would like to pause and put a spotlight on these heroes that ensure the business stays running and employees stay out of hot water.  We celebrate compliance professionals every year on September 26, but that doesn't mean we need to limit it to just that day. In fact, we've been sharing their great work throughout the year. Here's a round-up of some of the best blog posts where we shined the spotlight on our fearless heroes.

Shine the Light And Call Attention

These heroes may not wear utility belts and masks, but they perform heroic work. Let's take a moment and be thankful for the work compliance professionals do. They'll be glad to hear it.

Six Questions With …

We profiled six compliance professionals at leading organizations and asked them the same six questions to see what makes them tick. The results are enlightening. One common thing among them is the passion to do good, and do good work – the hallmark of any superhero. 


In honor of International Women's Day, we paused to reflect on the many stand-out female professional heroes in the compliance space.

Be a Hero by Speaking Up In The Workplace

We can also celebrate a compliance officer's work and the work of the industry as a whole. Their programs and execution is where we see the fruits of their labor. Taking a stand on issues like sexual harassment and workplace bullying are important components to maintaining a respectable, professional working environment.

Thank you once again to all of the compliance heroes who keep us on track and our noses clean. We know that whenever we need you, you're just a phone call away, but the bat signal is deserving of you all.