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What’s New: SAI360 for Business Continuity Management (R2 2020)

The pandemic has shifted all eyes to business continuity (BC) professionals and executives are looking for answers. To show the strength of your BC program’s plans and response, practitioners need automated and integrated workflows, plans, communications and reporting that can scale globally.

In the BCM Trends & Survey that SAI Global conducted in January and February 2020 – just before the pandemic broke out – more than half of BC professionals surveyed stated they didn’t use BCM software to execute their programs. The lack of efficiency inherent with manual spreadsheets was the main driving force for 40% of respondents adopting software solutions; with one-third stating that a “configurable” solution is the most important, closely followed by an intuitive interface.

However, software alone isn’t enough. COVID-19 has changed the world and organizations need to change along with it. The response required for a global pandemic necessitates fast action and increased resources, but what will make organizations operationally resilient when business finds its new “normal”? To achieve durable resilience, business continuity professionals need to be incorporated within the greater risk management function.


By combining business continuity risk identification and mitigation with recovery planning and management within SAI360’s integrated risk management platform, organizations can rely on a single source of data, aligned processes and streamlined communications that result in more efficient programs that will garner executive support.

SAI360 for Business Continuity Management, R2 2020

Here are key benefits of SAI360 for Business Continuity Management, to help you drive your organization and its people, processes and functions forward.

Reporting designed to support confident decision-making by leadership

Demonstrate real-time awareness and insight with executive reports and dashboards. Provide easy-to digest data points to key company stakeholders, enabling them to better visualize threats, understand the impact any change will have on business operations, and which actions to prioritize with a built-in pandemic response plan.

Prepared and proactive crisis management

Activate crisis management activities with a real-time view to execute your plan, assign tasks, track progress and communicate with your team as events unfold.

Demonstrate risks to the organization and their impact

Establish a clear view of risk and continuity with a common terminology applied across all data and insights. This single system of truth is built on common data sets and connects risk to recovery throughout your business continuity process.

Make business continuity an all-hands effort

Given how stretched organizations’ resources are, increase your efficiency and end-user participation with a streamlined navigation and enhanced user interface that features configurable fields, forms and dashboards to reflect your organization’s unique priorities.

Support for a remote workforce

Support your remote workforce and scale globally with multi-lingual translation of labels and screens, compliance with local regulations and localization features such as date formats. 

Gain efficiency

Get time back with a new BIA process that enables users to conduct a full risk assessment with approvals that retains change history.

Configurable to your unique needs

Map comprehensive issue management functionality, security management and information hierarchy to your organization, no matter the size or structure.

Fast implementation

Additional enhancements such as full audit trails, granular security permissions and robust workflows are all available in our FastStart out-of-the-box solution that can still be configured for you at a fixed cost.


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