James Green: Business Continuity Week

James Green joins the Zero Hour Podcast, hosted by Karla Reffold and sponsored by BeecherMadden and Cyber Security Professionals.

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  • James Green was the Director of Risk Advisory Services at SAI360 (formerly SAI Global)

Welcome to the latest episode of the Zero Hour Podcast and your host today is Karla Reffold. Today, we are joined by James Green. He is passionate about life safety and helps the C-Suite understand the importance of business continuity not just during an emergency, but as an integral part of day-to-day operations.

Key messages

  • Working together including decision making is the critical deliverable within crisis management
  • Investments needs to be increased in risk mitigation and resiliency
  • The lines between risk, business continuity and cybersecurity are becoming tied together even more so during Covid-19

Key minutes 

  • 02:30 – Your degree isn’t always what you do
  • 03:45 – The first time hearing business continuity
  • 07:30 – The focus of the risk that just happened
  • 11:40 – How do you plan to prepare?
  • 13:25 – We need to show more value to leadership 15:55 – Will companies invest?
  • 18:02 – Who invested well before Covid-19?
  • 22:42 – Connecting the dots in business continuity 26:50 – Has cybersecurity cost business continuity?
  • 28:23 – Combining cybersecurity and business continuity
  • 29:30 – Where does PR or marketing fit in?
  • 33:25 – Cybersecurity during Covid-19
  • 35:50 – What’s the predictions of change following Covid-19?
  • 43:40 – Building a career path in risk or business continuity
  • 46:10 – Ten Quick Fire Questions



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