IT Risk Management: The Blueprint for an Effective, Efficient & Agile IT Risk Management Program

Michael Rasmussen

The GRC Pundit

Risk and compliance professionals are under enormous pressure when it comes to IT risk management, to guide and manage digital transformation while navigating a dramatically changing ecosystem and economy. Organizations are dealing with rapid technology adoption, distributed ways of working in the post-Covid world, new vulnerabilities, constantly shifting regulations, legacy technology and the need to protect patient, employee and partner privacy.

Compliance, audit management, and risk managers need to work with cross-functional teams to manage the information security risk which pervades operations, processes, transactions and relationships in the digital world. At the same time, they also have to stay several steps ahead by monitoring information security risks to their organization both internally (e.g., operations, processes, systems, data) and externally (e.g., threat, competitive, legal, geographic environments) to stay competitive in today’s economy.

Listen to our webinar on IT Risk Management for Compliance with guest speaker Michael Rasmussen, GRC expert from GRC 20/20, where we walk through what it takes to create an effective IT risk program.

In this webinar, we discuss:

  • How to develop an effective IT risk management program
  • Strategies and techniques that can be applied across your organization

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