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Watch Navigating the Critical Challenges of IT Risk in Healthcare

Kelvin Dickenson
Kelvin Dickenson


Kelvin Dickenson

This webinar covers the crucial topic of managing IT risks in the healthcare industry. With sensitive patient data at stake and increasingly pervasive ransomware attacks, healthcare organizations are especially vulnerable to IT risks. This webinar covers the various threats to healthcare organizations’ operations, patient data privacy, and measures healthcare organizations can take to protect themselves and their patients.

During this on-demand webinar, we outline how to identify and secure your organization’s weakest points, best practices under the HITECH Act and other regulations, and the vital steps you should take after a privacy breach.

Learning Objectives:

  • Understand the specific IT risks facing the healthcare industry
  • Learn about the regulations that relate to healthcare IT, including the HITECH Act, and how to ensure compliance with these regulations
  • Identify best practices and strategies for managing IT risks in healthcare organizations
  • Learn how to develop and maintain a comprehensive IT risk management plan for your organization

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