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What’s New: SAI360 for Healthcare (R2 2020)

In the U.S., the effort to support hospitals and healthcare providers during the COVID-19 crisis has resulted in rapid changes to the regulatory environment. Keeping up with regulatory waivers and exemptions requires timely information and rapid response to educate your staff.

SAI360 for Healthcare is purpose-built for healthcare compliance with key capabilities to facilitate regulatory change management during times of crisis as well as business-as-usual in healthcare. And with a cloud option, it’s ready to implement and support teams whether they’re on-site or working remotely.

Regulatory Compliance Manager, our new solution for compliance management, leverages automated regulatory content feeds from certified partners and publicly available sources such as CMS, OIG, and more. The always-on subscription service provides access to laws, regulations, standards, and bulletins from our expansive list of healthcare-specific content, including HPMS Memos and CMS Program Transmittals, to receive timely updates with alerts of new and changed items including waivers and exemptions.


In addition to managing regulatory change, SAI360 for Healthcare includes new capabilities for continuously monitoring third parties for cybersecurity and financial posture as well as sanctions and exclusions. This includes checking employees, contractors and third-party entities for exclusion from participation in Federal Health Care Programs and automating positive hit resolution management with workflow-enabled processes.

SAI360 for Healthcare (R2 2020): Regulatory Compliance Manager


Here are additional key benefits of SAI360 for Healthcare, R2 2020.

Manage COVID-19 compliance inquiries, incidents and issuesIncident Manager provides intuitive and convenient report intake options. Staff can quickly submit reports related to COVID-19 using a link on your corporate intranet site, and workflow automation expedites the triage, research and response process.  
Rapidly update policiesUsing Policy Manager, capture the COVID-19 context for interim policy changes or policy exception notices via data fields. With an intuitive keyword search from your corporate intranet, staff can quickly retrieve all updated policies and other guidance related to COVID-19. The accurate time-stamped audit trail shows all user activity related to access and changes to policies.
Determine post-crisis next stepsLeverage Risk Intelligence for reporting to management post-crisis and determining the go-forward approach for responding to the next crisis.


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