3 Keys to a Best-in-Class Internal Control Program (pdf)

Three Keys to a Best-in-Class Internal Control Program | SAI360 whitepaper


When it comes to internal controls — perhaps one of the most important systems in a business — many organizations still largely rely on unwieldy spreadsheets, disparate tools, and manual processes to track and respond to vulnerabilities. These methods are often inefficient and contribute to a lack of visibility.

Given the growing risk landscape and rapidly changing business climate, organizations are demanding agile and transformative internal control approaches that respond to today’s corporate challenges. C-suite executives need to feel confident that their lines of defense are leveraging technology to manage those risks effectively.

These realities have spurred a new generation of best-in-class, internal control solutions designed to help businesses mitigate or prevent security risks, streamline efficiencies and costs, maintain compliance with laws and regulations, while boosting transparency for leadership, stakeholders and auditors.

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