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Watch The Board Just Asked You “What’s our ESG Strategy?”…Now What?

Jon Bricker

VP of Sales, AMER Learning, SAI360

Kevin Sasser

Director of Sales & Strategic Initiatives, Argos Risk

Understanding the “why” behind an ESG program is a game-changer. It not only promotes stronger practices within your company, but also gives your brand a powerful boost. However, it’s not just about ticking boxes. Preparing for culture change is essential in this journey. It involves setting internal priorities and managing them rigorously. It’s not enough to talk the talk; you have to walk the walk.

And why stop there? Extending your ESG culture to your trading partners is the next step. But the question remains: what standards will you hold others to? It’s time to take a stand and make a difference.

In this webinar we discuss the fundamental steps you can take to implement an effective ESG program. Our speakers Jon Bricker from SAI360 and Kevin Sasser from Argos Risk cover the following questions:

  • How can professionals in the field of environmental and corporate governance effectively navigate their careers in the modern era of ESG?
  • What strategies can be employed when discuss ESG and other matters with board members?
  • How can individuals find the most suitable Ethics and Compliance role within their respective organizations?

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