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Watch How to Move an E&C Program from Effective to High Quality

Jon Bricker

VP of Sales, AMER Learning, SAI360

Steven Laurent

Director of LMS Products

Are you prepared to vouch that your supply chain, vendors, contractors, and partners are compliant? Or even that their employees are aware of their compliance obligations?

Increasingly, organizations are held accountable for the actions of the third parties they depend on to do business. The range of regulations and consequences of noncompliance continue to grow. Meanwhile, the court of public opinion is even less forgiving of transgressions. Everyone demands to know you did everything possible to mitigate the risks.

A critical component of a third-party risk management strategy is a robust compliance and policy training program that you control. Depending on overextended and shifting supply chains, foreign vendors, and globally dispersed partners to meet your high standards for ethics and compliance training is a risky proposition.

You will learn about:

  • Four reasons it’s time to extend Ethics & Compliance (E&C) Learning to third parties
  • Breaking the myths: Why extending E&C learning to third parties is easier than you think
  • The toolkit: Four things you need to get started

Join us for an overview of best practices, risk vs. reward, and identifying/reporting issues that lead to finding a solution.

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