New Toolkit for Ethics & Compliance Teams: Time Pressures

Leading and managing remote teams in a pandemic with facilitated conversations

Cultures are made of relationships and connections, but they are defined by our actions and behaviors especially amid challenges and adversity. To help support your culture, we've partnered with the experts at CampbellBarr to create three new Leader-Led Discussion toolkits.

These conversational ethics and compliance themed experiences are intentionally written and designed for virtual meetings with your teams.

Drawing from over 10 years of experience as a leading consultancy helping to facilitate purposeful E&C conversations, the CampbellBarr team has written more than 80 of these toolkits and created a series of new ones specifically to help you navigate the challenges of 2020 with empathy, resilience and care.

Each kit focuses on the heightened pressure we're experiencing. They are designed to bring your teams a little closer together despite our physical distance while we're working remotely and under stress during the COVID-19 pandemic and beyond.

SAI Global's E&C team is proud to offer three curated choices from their collection. Each kit requires 10 to 15 minutes of preparation to enable a meaningful 20-minute team discussion, so pick one for free, try it in your next meeting, and let us know how it goes.

Toolkit: Time pressures

We all like to believe that we are consistent in our decision-making and that circumstances do not influence our values and priorities. However, the worlds of neuroscience and behavioral economics teach us that contextual factors are more influential on us than we are willing to admit to ourselves.

This short discussion highlights a famous experiment conduct over 40 years ago at Princeton University. It looks at the impact time pressure can have on the quality of our moral decision-making and how as a team you can best seek to manage this.

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About CampbellBarr

CampbellBarr has spent the past decade facilitating candid team reflections and conversations, help enhance the working cultures of leading Dow Jones, FTSE 100, and CAC40 companies.

The company has worked with and supported companies such as BP after their Gulf of Mexico disaster, GSK after challenges in China, and Serco following their corporate renewal program imposed by the UK government, plus many others. 

Over this time, CampbellBarr has facilitated thousands of discussions. They've helped teams strengthen their self-awareness of the actions and habits that enhance or inhibit culture, build their judgment and abilities around team decision-making, and galvanize their commitment to staying focused on these efforts. Today, working with companies to promote conversations that enhance performance and compliance cultures remains the mainstay of what we love and do. In our experience, we've recognized that sustainable change and culture growth comes from small discussions that leaders and managers have with their teams when no-one else is watching.


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