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Compliance Training in Action: Embedded Disclosures in the Flow of Learning

SAI360 Learning’s Embedded Disclosure tool provides a seamless, efficient way to address learning and risk mitigation objectives in a single learning session.
We live in a fast-paced world – shouldn’t we enable our workforce learners to be as agile as possible? Yes, now that SAI360’s Embedded Disclosure tool is embedded in the flow of our Learning experiences.

What does that mean? As you design learning, code and content experiences, your learners can be prompted to disclose information and provide other active responses while they are relevant – not wait for a separate and unrelated prompt that may come days, weeks or months later.

This tool allows learners to analyze disclosed responses made within the context of a Learning experience. Program administrators can add reviewer comments and mark disclosures as reviewed. Administrators can access dashboards to view overall training completion status and disclosure response status, and easily export data for offline use and sharing.

In this 20-minute webinar, we demonstrate and discuss how Embedded Disclosures works:

  • Focused relevancy for learners to report while knowledge is fresh and contextually relevant
  • Efficiency that means no need for a separate, standalone process to collect disclosures
  • The Compliance Leader workflow features and reporting features
  • Online and centralized audit records

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