Watch Ask the Analyst: How to Apply Learning Methods to Create a Learning Culture

Dani Johnson

RedThread Research

In this webinar, Dani Johnson, co-founder of industry analyst group RedThread Research, shares ways to maximize your Ethics & Compliance learning initiatives. The presentation will leave you with steps you can take to increase the effectiveness of your learning programs.

Areas covered:

  • RedThread’s recent in-depth study of the impact and reliance on 49 different learning methods and what this means for organizational learning
  • The most common learning methods and learning behaviors
  • Proven ways to create a learning culture within your organization
  • How to pinpoint specific learning methods for your teams

About RedThread Research
RedThread is a human capital research and advisory firm with a passion for questioning the status quo when it comes to people management practices. Their research focuses on DEIB, employee engagement, learning, people analytics, performance, and the technologies that support them to provide talent leaders with high-quality, unbiased, and actionable insights to inform their decision-making.

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