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SAI Global named a ‘Leader’ in the 2017 Verdantix Green Quadrant

SAI Global’s EHS risk management software has achieved a ‘Leader’ ranking by Verdantix in their 2017 Green Quadrant.

SAI Global, a leading provider of integrated risk management solutions, announced their environmental, health and safety (EHS) risk management software has achieved an EHS ‘Leader’ ranking by Verdantix in their 2017 Green Quadrant; an upward move from 2016 when the software was recognized in the Innovator quadrant

“I am pleased to see how our continued investments and increasingly holistic approach in our risk management software have played a key role in the significant shift from last year’s innovator quadrant positioning to a leadership position that includes the product strengths identified by Verdantix,” said Peter Granat, CEO, SAI Global.

Based on Green Quadrant analysis, SAI Global’s EHS software’s key strengths include its out-of-the-box Contractor Safety Management module and overall EHS risk management capabilities. Ergonomics and industrial hygiene performance also elevate the product into the Leaders quadrant.

SAI Global’s broad risk management strengths were identified by Verdantix as enabling organizations to track risks holistically across the high-impact areas of health and safety, environment, business operation performance, profit and loss, and stakeholders.

By utilizing the holistic approach, SAI Global can provide the ability to integrate EHS risk management into the complete risk picture, which is a significant advantage for EHS teams working closely with other risk functions in their organizations.

Extensive investment and an increased focus on research and development by SAI Global’s parent company Baring Private Equity Asia is supporting an acceleration of worldwide expansion for the company’s suite of risk management solutions, including the industry-leading EHS risk management software.

Within the EHS risk management software platform, these enhancements will ensure customers will be better positioned to respond to the growing international focus on improved environmental outcomes, technological advances such as the Internet of Things (IoT) and a growing awareness of IT security concerns. SAI Global’s software provides accurate insight through data-driven metrics to enable strategic management of corporate and information security risk.


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