Infographic: 7 Trends Impacting EHS Programs

In 2022, our workplaces are responding to a host of new changes and challenges. How can EHS & Sustainability leaders be agile in this dynamic environment while maintaining a safe and healthy workplace?

7 Key Trends Impacting EHS&S Programs in 2022



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What Factors and Emerging Trends will Impact EHS & Sustainability Operating Models in 2022?

Experts and analysts from Verdantix, RegScan, Scottish Power, Inchcape and SAI360 engage in a panel discussion about the future of Environment, Health and Safety (EHS) best practices. We share insights into changes you can expect in the coming year and how your EHS & Sustainability team can respond, including:

  • Existing and new regulatory frameworks that will play a significant role in EHS&S performance management and how leaders will need to respond
  • How best-in-class companies such as Scottish Power and Inchcape are remolding their EHS&S tactics to respond to the disruptions and what learnings we can take into 2022
  • How EHS professionals can play a more significant part in operationalizing ESG and sustainability strategies

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