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Building a Sustainable Program Around Data Privacy

Rebecca Turco speaks with Risk & Compliance magazine about "Building a Sustainable Programme Around Data Privacy."

"The proliferating nature of high-profile data breaches among well known corporations, along with a string of revelations about use of personal data provided to social media platforms, has raised the importance of data privacy among the general public and has seen a groundswell of a new consumer activism. Amid this growing consumer discomfort about exchanging personal data with industry, consumers now feel, and are, empowered.

The effects of this are significant and far-reaching, including your company’s brand and reputation being damaged, erosion of consumer and business partner confidence – all of which will significantly affect your bottom line."

Rebecca Turco
VP of Learning at SAI Global

Read the full article on Risk & Compliance magazine.

Published in April 2019.

Rebecca Turco was the VP of Learning solutions at SAI360 (formerly SAI Global)


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