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Maine Privacy Act

Requires ISPs to acquire consent before using customer information

What is the Maine Privacy Act?

Maine privacy law LD 946, “An Act to Protect the Privacy of Online Customer Information,” requires Internet service providers (ISPs) to obtain consent before being allowed to use, disclose, or provide access to customer information. The law covers ISPs located in Maine that provide Internet services to customers located in and billed for services received in Maine.

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StandardMaine Privacy Act
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Unlike most other U.S. state consumer privacy laws, the Maine Act requires ISPs to obtain customers’ “opt-in” consent, rather than “opt-out,” before using their personal information.

Why is Maine’s Privacy Act Important?

The law requires ISPs to implement measures that effectively protect customer personal information from unauthorized use, disclosure, or access. Noncompliance may result in harsh penalties.

How SAI360 Supports Compliance with Maine’s Privacy Act

SAI360 supports information security management within the Maine Act by providing a flexible, agile approach to risk management. Our cloud-first software and modern ethics and compliance learning content maps risk to requirements, automates assessments, and improves compliance and business performance so you can truly manage your IT risk. It enables you to make agile decisions using up-to-the-minute dashboards for key metrics to:

  • Streamline and strengthen compliance with Maine’s Privacy Act
  • Centralize policy management across your organization
  • Develop a real-time view to manage IT risk


If you are looking to operationalize information security controls across your organization, SAI360 provides a solution that is ready to help you meet the expectations of your shareholders, regulators, customers, and partners.

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