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Safety Management

Your end-to-end solution for creating a proactive safety culture.


Safety Management Offerings

Competency & Training Management

Training and Competency management module tracks who has the right competencies for a job and who needs training. Organizations can manage competency and training requirements, schedule courses and track training outcomes. Outcomes of training and competencies are saved to the employee and contractor record.


The Audit module supports the Plan-Do-Check-Act methodology that measures compliance of safety management systems and identifies safety risks. It has reusable templates, powerful questionnaires, and can track findings and non-conformances. Audits can be scheduled and completed using our mobile application.

Incident Management

The Incident Management module has workflow capabilities to manage multiple types of incidents and near misses.

It integrates detailed Injury recording, including tracking of days lost or away from work, Investigation, Root Cause Analysis, 5 Why’s, and Lessons Learned elements. Our easy to use mobile app, encourages incident and near miss reporting even when working offline.


The Inspection module enables organizations to record details of each Inspection and can be used to ensure each finding has corresponding corrective or preventative actions assigned to the appropriate person. It is also available on our mobile application.

Behavior Based Safety

The Safety Observations module identifies at-risk and desired behaviors and improvement opportunities. The process is supported by checklists and can be used on our mobile application.

Chemical Register

The Chemical Register module allows organizations to maintain an easily accessible and up-to-date catalog of all chemicals used and stored in a workplace.

It has safety data sheet information and is available on the mobile application. Reminders are sent when safety data sheets are about to expire.

Safety Alerts and Meeting Management

The Safety Alert module provides a systematic approach to send safety information across the organisation to increase awareness, reduce at-risk behaviors and prevent incidents. Meeting Management allows attendees, absentees, dates, times, topics discussed, and any actions to be recorded.

Contractor Safety Management

The Contractor Safety Management module helps from initial contract pre-qualification to ongoing contractor management and monitoring.

Key features include pre-qualification and insurance review, automated alerts and reminders of insurance expiry dates and review dates, tracking of inductions, issuing permit to work and integration with other modules for a comprehensive evaluation of the contracting company’s performance.

Health Management

Comprehensive, automated workflows for achieving a healthier and more productive workplace.


Health Management Offerings

Health Tests

The Health Test module tracks and monitors Audiogram, Biological Monitoring, Chest X-Ray, General Physical, Spirometry, Treatment, Vision Test and more. Results can be analyzed and notifications automatically sent per regulatory requirements.

Industrial Hygiene

A comprehensive work space: performs qualitative assessments of exposure; prepares and implements sampling plans; establishes similar/homogeneous exposure groups; records collection of quantitative samples; analyzes sample results to anticipate health risks.

Respiratory Protection

This module coordinates and monitors usage requirements of respirators by workers including Referrals for Respirators, Medical Evaluation for Respirator Questionnaire and Respirator Fit Tests.

Annual referrals are automated to ensure ongoing worker protection.

Alcohol and Drug Testing

This module records test date and time, who conducted testing and test results. The person tested can be recorded or an anonymous reference can be included.

Ergonomic Assessment

The Ergonomic Assessment module makes use of a questionnaire-based evaluation to undertake assessments. The workflow and questionnaire can be fully configured for different jobs and tasks applicable to your organization.

Case Managment

Return to work capability enables employees, their supervisor, specialized staff and occupational health staff to cooperatively develop return to work plans for injured employees. Follow-ups with injured employees can be set-up and tracked. Progress against plans can be monitored.

Case Management

As part of our Injury Case Management module, workers’ compensation cost information can be collated from various sources to give more in-depth analysis of specific incident and subsequent monetary costs. Workers compensation expenses and benefits/payments paid or reimbursed can be recorded.

Case Management

Early Intervention captures a time-stamped log of case notes and any medical certificates. Certificates track suitability for duty and restrictions.

Early intervention assists an organization to proactively intervene before an injury or illness, or assist employees with non-work-related illnesses that may impact their performance and safety

Environmental Management

Your all-in-one solution to measuring your environmental performance.


Environmental Management Offerings

Emissions Management

Automate data collection, emissions calculations, reporting and analytics in one centralized solution. The emissions data can be included in reports required by regulations such as Energy Reporting Scheme (NGERS), GHG MRR, and Clean Air Act (CAA).

Incident Management

Automate and standardize environmental incident management.

Leverage workflow capabilities to manage environmental incidents and near misses, Investigation, Root Cause Analysis, 5 Why’s, and Lessons Learned elements.

Our easy to use mobile app, encourages incident and near miss reporting even when working offline.


The Audit module supports the Plan-Do-Check-Act methodology that measures compliance of environmental management systems and identifies non-compliance risks. It has reusable templates, powerful questionnaires, and can track findings and non-conformances. Audits can be scheduled and completed using our mobile application.

Permit Management

A centralized register of all permits with expiry date reminders ensures permits are always current. Tracks conditions, monitoring plans and tasks. Compare captured data against condition limits. Get notified when tasks are not done or limits are exceeded, and resolve variations quickly.

Waste Management

Tracks the various stages of waste management and disposal to ensure compliance with regulations. Waste-related data can be reported at any time to aid in the planning of effective waste management, waste minimization and environmental responsibility.

Environmental and Sustainability Metrics Management

Record key environmental and sustainability metrics such as fuel, water and power usage to understand usage patterns and effectively manage costs. Data can be entered in preferred unit of measure and the system converts them to the required reporting units.

Stakeholder Management

Delivers effective management of key stakeholders.

View all meeting outcomes, communications, complaints/concerns, initiatives, and actions taken.

Use information for your Corporate Annual Reports to prove commitments.

Environmental Aspects and Impacts

Provides a systematic approach to assess, control and reduce significant environmental impacts. Easily demonstrate how environmental impacts are measured and, continually revise and improve controls for enhanced environmental performance.

Operational Excellence

An integrated solution to achieving operational excellence.


Operational Excellence Offerings

Risk Management

The risk management module aligns with ISO 31000, to facilitate the process of identifying, assessing and treating risks. Risk Appetite combined with regular risk assessments then drives workflow, risk mitigation processes and risk appetite exceedance reporting with Key Risk Indicators (KRI’s). To better visualise and communicate risks and their respective controls, the Risk module incorporates an interactive tool to build Bowtie diagrams.

Control Management

The Control Register provides a centralized tool to effectively manage controls to mitigate hazards and risks identified as part of the enterprise-wide risk management process. Control verification can be scheduled and undertaken using our mobile application.

Hazard Management

The solution provides a centralized system to monitor and control hazards. The Hazard Identification process is a comprehensive tool to capture, analyze and report hazards. When combined with our mobile app, hazards are identified and dealt with in a timely manner.

Job Hazard Analysis (JHA)

Leverage a library of JHA’s to be developed and accessed by relevant personnel. Gain ability to record job details, job tasks, hazards, risks and controls. JHAs can be retrieved via mobile or a printable easy-to-read Job Cards with visuals.

Management of Change

The Management of Change (MOC) module mitigates risk in the change process by enforcing a standardized approach to implementing change, with structured review and approval stages. Post- change implementation review can assess the change’s effectiveness.

Obligations Management

The Obligations Management module automates and simplifies compliance to regulations and internal policies. Owners can be assigned with action plans that include triggers such as emails, escalations and reports to ensure compliance stays on track.

Get access to more than 3.5 million regulatory documents worldwide that define precisely what you need to comply with all from SAI360’s solution.


The Audit module supports the Plan-Do-Check-Act methodology that measures compliance and identifies operational risks early. It has reusable templates, powerful questionnaires, and can track findings and non-conformances. Audits can be scheduled and completed using our mobile application.

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