The Oil and Gas Industry: Managing Dynamic Changes and Building Trust


The oil and gas industry has achieved significant efficiencies and competitive advantage by using software to capture data and convert it into business intelligence; lessons all industries now benefit from.


The oil and gas industry is facing major challenges with the oil price remaining low, the transport sector seeking new electric technology and governments looking to increase their renewable energy allocation. However, safety was a challenge the oil and gas industry had to overcome, and it still remains the biggest threat to the industry; even in these turbulent times. 

The industry learnt many lessons in safety, which have led to major advancements including best practice and understanding root cause analysis; lessons all industries now benefit from. 

As many businesses now see this as a fundamental board requirement, the oil and gas industry moved into process safety. Process safety drives business improvement the same way incident and accident data improves lives. By utilising software to capture complex data and provide insights, efficiencies can be driven and tested by changes in the industry. However, the management of change, environmental data and predictive indicators are now helping the oil and gas industry to future proof their strategy. 

"Having spent more than five years working with major oil and gas companies, it’s clear to me that the oil and gas industry can teach any business how a robust environmental health and safety process can ensure competitive edge and help future proof the business and also the industry."

Gareth Lane

Business development director, EMEA, SAI Global

In our whitepaper Environmental health and safety in the oil production and distribution sector: Managing dynamic change and building trust , expert Gareth Lane discusses the fundamental information needed for businesses to build an enterprise solution strategy for years to come. 

Start as the oil and gas industry did; understand how data can help mitigate risk and facilitate business decisions that create competitive edge. Implement a modular approach to address process risk, allowing you to choose the modules that protect your long term interests, keep stakeholders engaged and create positive new initiatives that support your strategy and are supported with data and business intelligence.



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