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At SAI360, we’re all about making the world a better, safer and more compassionate place to live and work. For every SAI360 product review on G2 Crowd, we will match the $10 G2 Gives donation. Select a charity below to get started.

Doctors Without Borders

SAI360 has partnered with Doctors Without Borders to raise money for coronavirus emergency response including caring for patients, offering health education and mental health support, and providing training for vital infection control measures in health facilities around the world.

Feeding America

SAI360 has partnered with Feeding America to help get food and funds to local food banks across the U.S. In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, unemployment has soared and food insecurity is on the rise. In fact, in 2020 more than 54 million people may face hunger because of coronavirus.

Feeding America SAI360

Girls Who Code

SAI360 has partnered with Girls Who Code to raise money to close the gender gap in technology. Tech jobs are among the fastest growing in the country, yet girls are being left behind. While interest in computer science ebbs over time, the biggest drop off happens between the ages of 13-17.

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