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This Week in Compliance and Ethics: February 10 – 23, 2018



Every month, SAI Global's ethics and compliance team hand-picks articles and content from different online publications and shares them on our blog. Here are some of our favorite ethics, compliance, culture, and risk stories from February 2018. 


Stories about ethics and compliance risk areas

Inside the Corrosive Workplace Culture of the Dallas Mavericks
Jessica Luther and Jon Wertheim, two reporters for Sports Illustrated, detail a long history of sexual misconduct and inappropriate behavior in the Dallas Mavericks organization, based on the accounts of more than a dozen current and ex-employees. For the full story, visit Sports Illustrated

Raising Awareness of Human Trafficking in Supply Chains
In the Wall Street Journal Risk & Compliance section, Ben DiPietro interviews William Shepherd, a partner at law firm Holland & Knight LLP, about how organizations can help stop human trafficking, the growing awareness and regulation around this topic, and how they can protect themselves and their supply chains from this growing epidemic. 

Use of Data Analytics in White-Collar Enforcement
In the Bloomberg Law Corporate Law & Accountability Report, Hui Chen writes about her past experiences with the Department of Justice Fraud Section, her current interactions with the corporate compliance community, and the importance of data and analytics in properly measuring program effectiveness and the success of compliance initiatives. 

Phil Libin, the Co-Founder of Evernote, is Backing an AI Chatbot to Help People Report Workplace Abuse
A new artificial intelligence powered app called 'Spot' launched earlier this February 2018 to help make it easier for people to document and report workplace harassment, misconduct, and inappropriate behavior. The tool, which is free to try for now, believes it can create more efficient and accurate reports than the ones currently created by conversations employees have with HR. Read more about the new app on Recode, and read our thoughts on A.I. in ethics and compliance programs in our 2018 Trends and Predictions report.  

Corruption Perceptions Index 2017
Transparency International has just released the latest edition of their annual Corruption Perception Index, sharing that the highest ranking countries are New Zealand and Denmark, and the lowest ranking are Syria, Somalia, and South Sudan. For a full corruption ranking of all 180 countries (The U.S. is #16), analysis of their research, regional results, and additional resources, visit transparency.org today. 



Stories about corporate culture and the ethics and compliance profession 

Ethisphere Institute Announces 135 Companies Honored as World's Most Ethical Companies
On February 12th, the Ethisphere Institute announced this year's World's Most Ethical Companies, an annual list of organizations that drive positive change in the business community and demonstrate values-based leadership. This year, 135 companies are being honored from 57 industries and 23 countries. Learn about their methodology and see the full list of honorees on their website.

Who's Gaming Your Compliance Program?
On the FCPA Blog, Richard Bistrong writes about the recent news of Credit Suisse bankers who had their assistants complete compliance training on their behalf, and the larger problem about most ethics and compliance programs that this problem draws attention to. In the post, he explores how ethics and compliance professionals can succeed at engaging a globally disbursed and culturally different workforce. 

Not-for-Profit Compliance: Doing More With Less
In the Wall Street Journal, Ben DiPietro profiles Kitty Holt and Ray Justice, senior directors of compliance operations at Plan International USA, a non-profit aid organization focused on children's rights. The focus of the story is how they are able to overcome compliance challenges that come with the resource and budgetary constraints of a non-profit organization. 

Why Values and Purpose Create Ethical Debt 
On the FCPA Blog, Caterina Bulgarella details the recently reported Oxfam scandal and the complicated relationship between organizations that have an inspiring purpose and vision and the actual behavior demonstrated by the employees of such organizations. 

A Simple Process to Ethical Leadership
On his blog, The Ethical Leader, Yan Tougas shares his definition of ethical leadership and a six-step process he has developed to nurturing ethical leadership and making it actionable in your daily routine. 


In case you missed it on our blog

Six Questions with an Ethics & Compliance Officer: Ellen Hunt
In the latest edition of our interview series, Ellen Hunt, Ethics and Compliance Officer at AARP, shares insights and advice from over a decade in the ethics and compliance industry, including the best piece of advice anyone has ever given to her. Read the interview here

Thanks for reading This Week in Compliance and Ethics from SAI Global. If you're interested in reading more about the world of ethics, compliance, culture, and risk, visit our blog



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